Fabric And Sewing Satisfaction Survey

Your feedback is very important to us. Our team reviews the results of this survey every week to look for ways to improve the site and ensure that our customers have a good experience. While we do follow up on individual comments made here, if you have a specific issue that you need assistance with, you will receive faster results if you contact our customer service department by email or phone.

1)Please tell us how much you agree with the following statements...
All questions are optional, if you feel a question does not apply you may leave it blank
Strongly Agree Agree Neutral Disagree Strongly Disagree

It was easy for me to find the product(s) I was looking for. 


I like the overall look and design of the site. 


The pages of the web site loaded in an acceptable amount of time. 


The shipping charges on the site are reasonable. 


Checking out was easy. 


I experienced few or no errors while I was browsing the site. 


There was enough product information available for me. 


The prices on the site are good compared to other places I shop. 


I was satisfied with the selection of products available. 

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